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Complaints in the genital area are annoying, especially vaginal infections. Fortunately, effective remedies are available. Here, you will find important information about intimate health, with valuable tips about vaginal yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and vaginal dryness.

This affects many women!

Women generally don’t have to worry about their genital area. It usually works flawlessly and protects against yeasts and bacteria. However, an itching or burning sensation, and increased discharge, which may even smell, is a problem many women are familiar with. The symptoms are stressful and adversely affect well-being. As an expert in intimate health, KadeFungin offers women a variety of products that provide quick and reliable help. Before you start treatment, we recommend exploring the topics of vaginal infections and vaginal dryness, and learning about the role the vaginal flora plays therein. Understanding its function can help prevent recurring infections and maintain a healthy vagina.

Vaginal yeast infection is no longer an issue for me!

Vaginal yeast infec­tion is no longer an issue for me!

Vaginal yeast infection

It burns, it itches and is extremely unpleasant. When suddenly experiencing discomfort in the genital area, many women fear they’ve contracted a sexually transmitted infection.

Healthy vaginal flora!
I have something for that!

Healthy vaginal flora! I have something for that!

Healthy vaginal

An infection of the vagina often occurs when its sensitive milieu is thrown out of balance. Pathogenic bacteria and fungi can multiply more easily.

Vaginal dryness?
No thanks!

Vaginal dryness?
No thanks!


When sitting or cycling causes a pinching sensation, when intercourse is painful and the skin is irritated, the diagnosis is: vaginal dryness.

Find your KadeFungin product!

KadeFungin offers a wide range of products for the intimate area: for the treatment and aftercare of vaginal yeast infections, as well as to rebuild and regenerate the vaginal flora. Our product finder will help you to find the right product for your vaginal problem from the KadeFungin range. The KadeFungin products shown here are available from your pharmacy without a prescription.

Please note that only a doctor’s visit can ensure a reliable diagnosis.


The acute therapy

Combi pack

Effective 3-day therapy with clotrimazole for vaginal yeast infections.

KadeFlora Milchsäurekur

Regeneration treatment

Lactic acid treatment

Regenerating the vaginal flora by lactic acid.

Intensive moisturising

Moisturising gel

Relief for vaginal dryness.

Market leader Made in Germany

As the market leader in vaginal antimycotic agents, DR.KADE is a competent partner in the field of women’s health. In Germany, KadeFungin3 has been the best-selling product for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections for over 15 years. Of course, the no. 1 product for vaginal yeast infections is also produced here.

* according to packs sold, ICH Galaxy ApoFusion 08/2021

Strict quality control for KadeFungin & Co

We use high-performance installations for the production of preparations such as the KadeFungin range. Every critical step in the production process is closely monitored. To this end, we use modern analytical procedures. In doing so, even the smallest deviations from the desired quality can be detected in advance. Only a batch of product of perfect quality is released for delivery. The result is quality “Made in Germany” and is then suitable for sale in pharmacies.

Certified and sustainable: KadeFungin

The basis for the production of all DR. KADE products is excellent quality, a high level of safety and a particularly sustainable production method. Of course, our production facilities also comply with current legal standards such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and international standards such as the Certification of Medicinal Products.

KadeFungin® 3 combi pack, vaginal tablets and cream. (KadeFungin® Kombi-Packung)
Active ingredient: clotrimazole.
Areas of application: Infections of the vagina and external genital area by yeasts (usually Candida albicans). The cream contains benzyl alcohol and cetostearyl alcohol. Please see package leaflet. For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet or ask your doctor or pharmacist. Last revised: 12/2023 DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH, Berlin

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